Add hours to your day using my Services

Are you an entrepreneur who prefers to concentrate on the important goals instead of administrative tasks? Or simply want to spend quality time with your family without the constant phone and email interruptions. Whatever your issues, you can rely on an efficient, loyal service from me whenever you need it. Below is a list of some of the things I can help with, which will give you the time to focus on the important things.



  • Invoicing

  • Planning & organising events 

  • Formatting documents, contracts, and CVs

  • Letters and mailshots

  • Recruitment, including response handling, screening, drawing up shortlists, arranging appointments, and confirmations

  • Start-up business support

  • Website administration

  • Powerpoint Presentation Slides



  • Emails, telephone calls, and diary management

  • Holiday/travel research and booking

  • Managing your insurance, be it a car, home, life or any other type of cover

  • Organising social events such as parties

  • Setting up and running your home office

  • Sourcing furniture, household products, and specialist traders

  • Utility comparison research

  • Personal errands i.e buying gifts​​​​​